How to Get the Most Out of Your Wireless Network


Wireless Network Services Benefits You Should Know


Our services will address many issues present with a wireless networks.  Below are some issues most people experience.

  • Dropped connections -

the more devices connected, the more the wireless signal becomes unstable the network is closed or no connecting

  • Security -

68% of Americans do not change the default password or user name on their modem, routers and wireless signals.

  • Security

87% of American do not upgrade the software for their routers thus leaving the routers open to cyber attacks.

  • Wireless strength -

center of room is optimal but not always possible unless the routers are tuned

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Maximize Your WiFi

We will work within your budget to get you the fastest home or small business WiFi speeds.

Why pay all that money for fast internet if your network doesn't use it?

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Data Recovery

We will automate backups for your critical data and assist with restores.

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Secure Your WiFi

We will ensure your network discourages unwanted connections.

Reduce your risk of being a victim to cybercriminals.

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Wi-Fi Monitoring

We will monitor your network and identify issues that need resolution.

We can tune the network based on changing conditions, keep all firmware updated and more!


Maximize Your WiFi Network


Internet access is expensive and we depend on it in ways we never use to pre-pandemic.  Working from home, having the children home schooled, it takes a big toll on your WiFi network speed and coverage.


Devices run slower, takes longer to connect to WiFi, more dropped connections, etc. is a real issue today along with the massive increase in cybercrime which is always looming in the background waiting to join in and rob you of personal assets.

  • critical performance analysis as your network changes

  • critical security upgrades to help prevent cybertheft

  • critical analysis of your log files to identify any cybercriminal attempt to break into your network

Cybersecurity - Protect Your Family or Small Business


Unprecendented number of cyberattacks have occurred to not only businesses but to personal home WiFi networks.  There are some basic things you can do such as

  • change the default password and user ID of your modem, router(s), network access storage (NAS), etc.

  • ensure you install the latest firmware for all your hardware devices


However, there are many other things that can further secure your network.  Our company has the expertise of what can be changed and what to change them too.

Cybercrime is a real threat on a daily basis and most often, you never know they joined your network and stole your personal information and that your information is being sold on the deep dark web.


Your email address can fetch big $ on the deep dark web for various reasons and can you image the long term consequences if someone uses the social security number of you , your family or employees?  It can be very costly to repair your credit and to fight to remove debt incurred by a cybercriminal.


Router and WiFi Maintenance and Monitoring

With our on-going maintenance and monitoring services, we take the burden off of you by performing just some of the following:

  • critical performance analysis as your network changes

  • critical security upgrades to help prevent cybertheft

  • critical analysis of your log files to identify any cybercriminal attempt to break into your network

wifi-done-safe LLC, headquartered in Chicago, IL, but our professional WiFi installers work with homes and small businesses in the Chicagoland area.


Expert WiFi Network Installers

We are experienced installers of wireless networks for homes and small businesses; we ensure your problems are resolved.

Our installers are experts at optimizing Wi-Fi networks which means you will get the fastest speeds for all your connected devices.

Call or email us for a free consultation which is to discuss what exactly you are looking for or insight as to what we recommend to resolve your issues and next steps.  This is totally free and lasts for about 30 minutes.


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