WiFi 6e - You Need It

The speed difference alone says a lot.  WiFi 6e is over 2x faster than WiFi 5.

  • WiFi 5   - 700 Mbps

  • WiFi 6   - 1.1 Gbps

  • WiFi 6e - 1.7 Gbps - new WiFi band

If you are not ready for the latest, call us to discuss how we can greatly improve your existing network or what is involved in upgrading your home or small business.

WiFi Signal Strength Symbol

You need WiFi 6 (6e) if you are

  • Tired of lags

  • Tired of dropped connections or slow downs

  • Tired of waiting to connect to WiFi

  • Tired of slow gaming

WiFi 6e - Fast

VR Gamer

No more sluggish gaming, unbelieveable response time.

No more limited connections for streaming games and movies.

You want it super fast, lag free then moving to the next generation WiFi 6 modem and router will put you in the player's seat.

wifi-done-safe LLC

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Let wifi-done-safe get you into the seat of the new WiFi 6 with our professional and courteous WiFi network installers.

If you aren't ready for WiFi 6, we can tune or upgrade your existing network to get you the best performance, coverage, stability and security that your hardware can offer.

And in the end, we transition the information about your network to you.  Others do not offer this included service because they want you to become dependent on them.  We believe you should know what to look for, how to reboot the system, how best to utilize your network.