Common Questions People Ask

Problems such as losing reception are because of some of the following reasons

  • bad network design

  • weak modem but primarily weak router

  • not enough routers

The signal needs to be as strong as possible at the further point of your coverage area and it needs to

be stable and secure.

Does building construction or style matter to Wi-Fi?

Building materials and building style does matters quite a bit and wifi-done-safe LLC has solutions to maximize your Wi-Fi signals.  Below are some of the big influencers when it comes to Wi-Fi signal degredation.

  • plaster with wire mesh walls - your fastest signals don't care for these types of walls

  • pre-1990s styled building in general makes Wi-Fi signals weaker

  • entry point of your internet service

  • number of floors

Will someone be able to break into my network?

Our answer is "Yes, it is not a matter of if it is a matter of when".  Statistics show that at some point a system will be broken into.  Granted, this includes businesses also.  It is a matter of priority for a hacker and they know that that can obtain valuable information from a family's network and from any business.

How do I prevent hackers from accessing my network?

Your network and all devices that connect to the network must have the latest security software or firmware installed.


You need to check frequently if the manufacturer releases new software in general but keep an eye out for security software or firmware especially.  You need to have a firewall that is central to your network and you benefit if your network has a virtual private network (VPN) configured.

Finally, your network log files need to be looked at periodically to see if a hacker attempted to get in or successfully did.

How long does it take to put in a new network?

This all depends on how many routers are involved, the number of networks needed, the size of the space that the network covers, the degree of tuning and security the client desires.  A typical installation with two routers and a space less than 3500sqft, detailed performance and security tuning would be approximately 8 hours.

How do I know if someone broke into my network?

An easy check to see if any unknown devices  are connected can be done using various free apps that show all device connections, but then it is more complicated to force them off the network and to block that device from reconnecting.

A trained eye needs to monitor the network and the router log files and then take necessary action.  It is quite involved to do this.  Firstly, the router needs to be set up to log the appropriate information.  Secondly, the router log file needs to zero in on a few entries out of hundreds log entries because the router logs all system information to a single log.

We inform the client that before we can provide a few suggestions as to what type of router(s) are needed,

we need to assess the following:


  • size of the home or business

  • layout of the space

  • height of the space

  • what type of material are the walls, i.e., plaster, drywall, brick, etc. 

These things are all contributing factors as to what type of solution is needed which in turn drives

our recommendation.

What type of router do I need?

Why do my calls drop or movies hang?

Below are just some of the questions that people ask about why their having problems with their wireless network.  If you can find your answer, please contact us via email or call us.