Cyber News - What Is The Latest?

Keep an eye on on what is the latest in cyber news.  It is about the what is going on, what institution or personal cyber attacks happening and what you can do to help prevent those personal cyber attacks.

Definition of "cyber"

noun - 

(used alone as a substitute for many compound words that begin with the combining form cyber-, as cyberattack, cybersecurity, cyberterrorism, or cyberwarfare)

Example:  GPS may be vulnerable to jamming and cyber

Example:  Ethical hackers are being recruited for careers in cyber.

adjective - 

of or relating to computers


typically to one of the technology domains named with the combining form cyber-, as cyberterrorism, cyberwarfare, or cyberattack: a cyber threat; several cyber breaches; cyber operations; cyber plots.

verb (used without object) - 

to be cybering

Example:  People playing the MMO were cybering in voice chat, sometimes without even creating a separate channel to keep it private.


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