About wifi-done-safe

Our Goal

wifi-done-safe-llc.com was formed to not only ensure people and businesses had extremely fast and reliable Wi-Fi networks but to ensure people and businesses would remain safe on the internet.

Excellence and Commitment to Clients

wifi-done-safe LLC offers the comprehensive capabilities and deep industry knowledge necessary to help you solve the most complex issues of your wireless networks. We are experts at installing and troubleshooting Wi-Fi network.

Understanding your requirements, objectives and operating environment is important to us - we listen and analyze these things. 


wifi-done-safe LLC is here to ensure your objectives are met and that are client is 100% satisfied.

Collaboration with Clients and Team Members

Diverse backgrounds only bring out the best.  When you take degrees in electrical engineering coupled with network and software engineering backgrounds something good is bound to happen. 


Determination and a strong desire to help our clients meet their objectives makes us happy collaborators.

When the Work is Done

After we have completed meeting and hopefully exceeding your expectations, we don't just let you dangling.  We are available to provide additional training, free support or additional documentation that allows you, if you choose, to administer your own network.  If you do not want to administer your own network, call upon us to do so.

collaboration as seen by a man and a dog working at a computer