Faster WiFi Speed, Coverage and Security in the Chicago Area

Are you experiencing constant Wi-Fi issues?  Issues such as dropped calls, streaming delays, lack of coverage, etc.?  Take a look at our FAQs section.


wifi-done-safe LLC, headquartered in Chicago, IL, can assist with eliminating those issues.  Our professional Wi-Fi network installers can help resolve many issues.

Due to COVID-19, it is predicted that in 2021 many more attempts will be made to hack into a home's personal network to gain access to personal data and images and to try and gain access to a remote worker's corporate site using weaknesses in the home network and the connecting devices.

Our professional network installers have backgrounds in Electrical and Network engineering; therefore, they have the experience and will design and implement the correct solution to get you or your business the fastest Wi-Fi speed, coverage and security.  These changes will make your internet experience a positive one.

After we design and implement your custom solution, we are around to perform maintenance such as


  • critical performance analysis as your network changes

  • critical security upgrades to help and prevent cybertheft

  • critical analysis of your log files to identify any cybercriminal attempt to break into your network

Router Setup - Incomplete Manufacturer's Instructions

You can setup your own network using the user guide, but the user guide won't explain things such as

  • what type of network that is best for your situation - mesh network, access point, etc.?

  • what settings to change to get the maximum Wi-Fi coverage and stability?

  • what settings to change to get the best security possible from your router?

That's where we come in!

wifi-done-safe LLC will guarantee you will have the correct network setup and network settings made to get you the strongest Wi-Fi signal, coverage and security.

Wi-Fi Problems?

Many problems plague wireless technology, but a solid design, implementation and maintenance can eliminate many of them.

Professional installers can eliminate those issues for you.

Have you experienced any of the following?​

WiFi signal heat map of a house showing the colors green (great), yellow (good) and red (bad)

Identity Theft?

Hopefully, you have never experienced identity theft.  If you have, you know that it can be painful to regain your credentials and it can be very costly to do so.


An insecure wireless network allows cybercriminals to obtain critical business or personal information.

What Do We Do?

Maybe you have set up your Wi-Fi network yourself or maybe someone installed it for you, but you still are experiencing issues with it.  Perhaps there are some minor adjustments needed, upgrade of firmware or perhaps the network needs a beefier modem or routers, better design and implementation, that's where we can help.

We specialize in resolving wireless connectivity and security issues by our design and implementation.  If new hardware is needed, we know how to future-proof the hardware according to your budget.

Setup Device Groups

When setting up Wi-fi you want to set it up such that you can isolate the devices that can pose real security issues a.k.a. smart devices (plugs, lights, cameras, etc.).  These smart devices are typically pretty dumb when it comes to being secure, they can snoop and report back things like your banking account numbers, family videos, etc. to a bunch of ruthless cybercriminals.

It is best to group your devices such that only your critical devices are attached to the most critical part of your network, smart devices are connected to a less critical network and are isolated from communicating with each other.

Build Reliable Wireless Networks

Setting up a reliable wireless network, one that is fast, safe and can handle all your devices is not as easy as it sounds.  A lot of things go into building such a network such as:  design, location, tuning, measurements, the devices themselves, etc.  Those things are exactly what wifi-done-safe LLC specializes in.

If you want the fastest wireless speeds, most wireless coverage and most secure wireless network then contact us.  We can assist in recommending hardware should you be building or upgrading your network.

Our Installers Get It Right!

Our trained installers will ensure that when the work is done you are satisfied.  You will get the speed and coverage you want along with the security of not only the hardware, but the Wi-Fi and any devices that connect to the network.

Come, take a peek at what all wifi-done-safe LLC can do for you with their professional installations. 

Give us a call or schedule an appointment.